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Epic is Coming

Coming September 12, UI Health is going live with the Epic electronic health record system, and we're
introducing a number of new tools to improve your healthcare experience!

UI Health MyChart App

UI Health MyChart App

Manage all your health care information in one place.

  • Schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments - no phone call required.
  • Save time by checking in before arrival.
  • Message with your healthcare team - directly and securely.
  • Manage prescriptions. View medication histories. Update you preferred pharmacy.

Single Billing

For visits, coming soon, you will receive one simple statement for your care at UI Health.
Got Questions? Our new single billing office is just a call away.
You can even set up a monthly payment plan.

It sounds easy - because it is.

It's just one of the ways UI Health is working to improve your healthcare experience.

Care Everywhere Network

Care Everywhere Network

If you receive care at other systems that also use Epic, you can share information about
tests, procedures, and more, so your health record always stays up-to-date.